We have worked with businesses of all sizes to create effective, and manageable solutions on the web and on Facebook for marketing, community-building, and informative purposes. If you’re looking for a focused, disciplined, and talented team to build and scale your next great idea, give us a ring.

Facebook Development

Our team has been hacking fresh and exciting applications together on the Facebook Platform since its launch in 2007. We’ve built fan experiences for some of the world’s largest brands as well as niche businesses and organizations.

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Ruby on Rails Consulting

Experts on our team have built enterprise and boutique software in Ruby on Rails and contributed to dozens of open source projects in the community. We’ll work closely with you and your team to plan and build your new or update your existing apps and systems. See our open source code on Github.

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Site Social Injection

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media tools have been a boon for larger businesses’ and brands’ marketing strategies. We love working with smaller businesses and organizations to make sure they have all it takes to put together sound social media strategies, harnessing the popular destinations and useful tools at their disposal.

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Smooth Landing Page

Building up your online presence can be an arduous task if you tackle it from the ground-up. Let us help you start quickly and easily with the crowd-building basics! Using social media, search engine optimization, and good old-fashioned planning, we’ll build you a great landing page for the web or on Facebook, which drives an audience.

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Additional Opportunities

As with many things in the world, there’s more to us than meets the eye. We have knack for building great products, leading great teams, and solving business problems.

If you have a concept or a project you think we might be a goodfit for, contact us on our site or drop us a line at