Facebook Application Development

Developing on the Facebook Platform is our bread and butter. Members of our team have been the products designers, engineers, and planners for dozens of projects for clients big (really big!), small (just starting out small!), and everything in between.

Our team has worked with brands including Microsoft (we helped launch their Bing┬árebranding of their search engine), McDonald’s (we built the entire Facebook experience for the 2009 MONOPOLY game), Facebook Sports (we orchestrated a World Cup 2010 campaign that over 7 Million fans interacted with), DIRECTV (friend-to-friend quizzes), Safeway (coupons, party-planners, and recipe boxes), Electronic Arts (social game promoting Spore), NBC Universal (makeover tool for Bravo), and plenty more.

More recently, we’ve built a community and research application for a student mentoring non-profit, helped a well-known insurance company onboard their independent agents into a monitoring tool, and added some much-needed pizazz to the brand page for a network of charter schools.

When it comes to Facebook integrations, the sky is the limit! We have capabilities in all areas, but have particular expertise in the following:

  • Branded Facebook Page experiences (customize your brand’s Facebook profile with apps)
  • Focused community applications (build and grow a specialized community within a community)
  • Open Graph data interactions (learn about your users, their friends, and their graph)
  • Best Practices Consultation (we’ll help you make sense of your Facebook strategy)
  • Facebook Sprinkles (injecting the right amount of Facebook social into your existing web app or site)

For a look at some of our recent work on Facebook, check our portfolio.

If you’re looking for the right team to build your organization’s experience on Facebook, your search stops here.