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1 Fan is Worth 20 Visits to Your Website

The ROI of social media for businesses is often discussed, but establishing an answer has never been easy. But Hitwise, the “leader in online competitive intelligence”, has arrived at a very precise formula for establishing the value of Facebook fans.

With nearly 700m users, Facebook is a behemoth – businesses shouldn’t ignore the potential value of tapping into such a large userbase. So how much, exactly, is a Facebook fan worth?

Well, Hitwise has leveraged its data sets and shown that 1 Facebook fan is apparently equal to 20 additional visits to a retailer’s website over the course of a year. So, if you have 1,000 Facebook fans, that means an extra 20,000 visits to your site.

Awexome LabsFirst things first — we are Awexome Labs. That first word is pronounced just like “awesome,” but with an X thrown in to jazz it up a bit. If you struggle with it, saying “Awesome Labs” is just fine with us.

The name imparts the strength and excitement of our work, but directly relates to a fun game from Homestar Runner from several years ago. Give that a whirl when you’ve got time for a laugh.

Welcome to the Awexome Labs blog. Here, we will post our thoughts, opinions, and recent work in the world of web and social media development. There’ll be a lot of ruminations about Facebook and Twitter, but also sound discussion of website and social media positioning for your small business.

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We’re looking forward to sharing more with you on the blog as time goes on.

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